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More than a million people all over the world have completed the Alpha course during the last six years, in churches, homes, schools, universities and prisons.  Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening setting over ten thought-provoking weekly sessions, with an optional day or weekend away.  It is low-key, friendly and fun - and is supported by all the main Christian denominations.  There will almost certainly be a course running near you.  Why not take this opportunity to find out?

Birchington Baptist Church  01843 845400
Cornerstone Church  01843 847416

Queens Road Baptist Church  01843 869686


Garlinge Methodist Church  01843 831899
HARVEST New Anglican Church  01843 871183

Margate Baptist Church  01843 221716
Northumberland Hall  01843 292028
New Life Christian Fellowship  01843 901903

St Paul's Church  01843 229973
St Philip's, Northdown Park  01843 231825

Jubilee Church  01843 588869
St George's Church  01843 593168
The Salvation Army  01843 592582
St Lawrence Team  01843 581798

Local Alpha regional advisers: Kerry and Eunice Thorpe 01943 871183
or email Kerry Thorpe


To mark the National Initiative, there will be a major Celebration Event in the Queen's Hall, Margate Winter Gardens at 6.30pm on Sunday 26th September.  All the Thanet Churches have again been invited to participate.  Geoff Boxer, from Garlinge Methodist Church will be the preacher.  We will feature prayer for ALPHA both nationally and locally.

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